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Thank you for the pictures he is the best little puppy we’ve ever met. We are totally in love with Jake.


Brie, Lily & Olive

Fun to see what comes natural to these puppies and how their personalities merge Thought you might enjoy this clip. Olive is very much the matriarch of our pup’s as she keeps things in check as Brie continues too show she is still alpha and Lilyana is just a spit fire ready to hang with the big dogs.                      Rhonda


Hi, I'm Dave P... We bought the best dog    ever from you all back in 2017.. He is actually on your website home page. You were calling him silver, but we named him Van, short for Vancouver. He is enjoying all sorts of outdoor adventures and makes people smile wherever we go! Here is a a short video of us riding to the local mountain bike trails for a run/ride...
Cheers, Dave P

I recently adopted a purebred Australian Shepherd pup from Firestone Aussies and I wanted to say that I couldn’t be happier. Patty and family raise their Australian Shepherds in a wonderful, humane, and well-cared for environment with all shots and needed exams already done. When you meet the pup, Patty takes all the time you need to show you how they are raised, the training already performed, and answer all your questions. This is no ‘puppy mill’, this is a ‘mom and pop’ process performed by a loving and very knowledgeable family… I also respect that Patty is far more interested in the future care of the pup and insists on getting to know the prospective new owners… I am so impressed and would be happy to share my experience with anyone looking to love a new Aussie…


Thank you Firestone Aussies..


Brett O

Hello Patty, I wanted to say hello and to send you a few pictures of Max (originally named Molson). Our coming together has truly been the best thing to happen to me and I have you to thank! We had a wonderful 1.5 years together, largely in the mountains/outdoors. I couldn’t imagine a more affectionate, loving, athletic, mild mannered, loyal, handsome or committed best friend. He’s a hit with everyone who meets him and I think he’s one of the most beautiful creatures the world has ever known. Here are a few recent pics:



The knowledge and expertise that Patty and Brian have is the Best in the Business of breeding and raising Australian Shepherds. Their puppies have been fed well, tested thoroughly for their good health and socialized perfectly! I must say….we have a lot of experience with Firestone Aussies because starting in late 2018 we bought our first puppy from them and within the next 6 months, we bought 2 more. Each one of our aussies is sweet, loving and beautiful with the most remarkable qualities a dog could ever have.

Thank you Patty and Brian.

You are the Best!

 C and B Valusek

Thank you for the pictures of Larry, myself and Miss Laney Lou!  She has been an absolute doll!  Potty training is going very well and she is full of spunk!  We have received so many compliments on how well socialized she is as a puppy and that would be a compliment to you all!  Thank you so much!


Hi Patty,

We can hardly believe our Ozzy (formerly Titanium) will be 4 years old this week! 

He is a wonderful companion- the fur missile of love!  And we love that his puppy pics are on your home page.

Thank you to you and your family for the blessing of your wonderful pups to make our lives complete!

Rebecca and Keith Z

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